Flashcards for your Mac

StudyBuddy helps you memorize lists of things. Use it to create libraries of flashcards. Pick a deck of cards, hit Start, and StudyBuddy starts going through the cards one by one, showing you the front and asking you to type in the back. If you type the answer correctly, it automatically moves on to the next card. If not, it will let you say if your answer was correct or not, so that you have the option of saying your answers instead of typing.

Card libraries

Keep your cards organized - focus on the right ones. All of your flashcards are stored in decks of cards. All of your decks are kept in the library on the left side of your screen. The progress meter beside each deck helps you focus on the ones that need the most work. Using drag and drop, you can quickly reorganize your cards. Tag your cards with categories so that you can organize them from as many perspectives as you want.

Automatic learning

Learn at your own pace. StudyBuddy has automatic learning algorithms to track which cards are easy for you and which are causing you problems. It makes sure to quiz you the most on the tough questions while also regularly reviewing ones you've already learned. Of course, if you just want to go through the cards in order or at random, you can do that do.