Tripometer email fixes

We've made a few improvements to the Tripometer report emailing system. First off, the emails now include all of the data as an HTML table. There's even a total at the bottom, so just scroll down to the bottom of the email to see how many miles/kilometers are included in the report.

We've also worked on our email server to make report emails more likely to go through. Unfortunately, some email systems are pretty hardcore about blocking suspected Spam, so some emails occasionally bounce. We're still working on consistently getting emails through to Earthlink addresses.

We ran into an issue where the library we're using to create the emails (Swift Mailer, highly recommended) was taking massive amounts of memory to encode the HTML part of the email. A 30 kB file was requiring over 20 MB of memory. That was causing problems for our server, so reports with more than 50 to 100 items wouldn't go through. (It turned out that switching to base64 encoding for the HTML got around a very inefficient quoted-printable encoder in the current version of Swift.)

Fortunately, many of these issues will become a thing of the past once we release the next version of Tripometer. Tripometer 1.3 will take advantage of the new features in iPhone OS that let us send emails directly from the app instead of having to upload the data to our server to be detailed). We're hard at work to make 1.3 our best release yet.

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